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For select clientele, we manufacture, supply and install exclusive technologies for industry, ranging from advanced crypto-isolated process control systems, through to reliable, custom built computer systems for families, small businesses, governments and international corporations. We also specialise in wireless solutions for vehicles, GPS asset tracking, audio communications, video streaming and video surveillance for personal, commercial, industrial and government assets.
Equipment, computer and network systems manufactured, built or repaired by Technology Corp, have throughout the years, maintained reliability in commercial, industrial and hazardous environments. As manufacturers of an extensive range of commissioned projects, products and devices, our electronic design, simulation, manufacture and testing, enable us to safeguard the quality and stability of our equipment. Additionally, we incorporate specific hardware from a range of manufacturers, to utilise the best, yet affordable, components that industry has to offer and maintain fully equipped site-ready mobile technicians and engineers.
We specialise in: Custom Built Desktop Computers; Notebooks; Servers; Local, Cloud and Wide Area Networks; Mobile Communications; Security; Plant Process Control; Robotics; Electrical and Electronic Design; Circuit Simulation; Manufacture and Testing.
We support families, small businesses, governments and international corporations throughout South East Queensland in all areas of technology support, principally with computer hardware and software queries of the following:
Accounting and/or Finance, CAD Design, Desktop Publishing, Encryption, Tracking Logistics, Photography, Astrophotography, 2D and/or 3D Digitising and/or Printing, Video Surveillance, Video Conferencing, Machining, WEB Design, Robotics and/or Automation, Remote Telemetry, Power Control Systems, Data Recovery, Forensics, Laser Etching and/or Cutting, Programming, PCB Design and/or Manufacture, Process Control, Field Monitoring, Databasing, Circuit Design and/or Simulation, Backup Systems (Local and Remote).
Current technology today, benefit from the latest generation of unlocked processors with speeds approaching 8.429 gigahertz; high capacity, high bandwidth memory for cache, operational and video memory with speeds in excess of 128 GB/s; solid state drives with capacities of 16 TB utilising a PCIe x16 Gen 3.0 interface with transfer speeds of 7.2 GB/s and 2.52 million IOPS; 4K video and dedicated 3D video memory; and USB 3.1, bluetooth 4.0, 10 gigabit and wireless AC network connections…
Custom computer systems developed by Technology Corp are built to exacting standards and cater to the needs of education, entertainment or business and is supported with an “Onsite 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty” for new systems and an “Onsite 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty” for repaired or upgraded systems and is Identified, Data Dotted, Tamper-Proofed and Registered for Anti-Theft purposes.
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